Automatic heat sealing machine SHBM/R175/DOUBLE:

  • for the production of vacuum and barrier shrink bags
  • capable to perform all kinds of seals

Technical parameters:

Power supply

380 V – 3 phases 50/60Hz

Installed capacity

7 kW

Required pressure

8 bar

Compressed air intake

25 m3/h


2.8 m (width) x 7 m (length) x 2 m (height)


Barrier shrink bags of all types

Min. film thickness

2 x 25 microns

Max. film thickness

2 x 130 microns

Min. bag length

90 mm

Max. bag length

1200 mm

Operating speed

Up to 110 cycles/minute, depending on the film type

Min. seal width

1.5 mm

Max. seal width

4 mm


N6 N7 N8 N9 N2 N3 N20 N19 N18 N17 N16 N5 N4 N11